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    For Windows (version 2.0 build 1060)

    For Linux (version 1.5 build 1060)

    • Download from
    • Notes for Wink on Linux:

        Wink requires GTK 2.4 or higher. The installer does not create any links/shortcuts. If you want shortcuts you will have to create them yourself. For a list of known issues in the linux version, view the readme.txt file in the wink directory after installation.

        If the NumLock key is switched on, hotkeys in Wink do not work under Linux. So make sure to turn off the NumLock key while capturing.

    As the first step after installation, please read the Wink UserGuide (present in the wink docs directory, also a link available in the windows start menu program group of Wink). Also, there are two tutorial projects created in Wink which you can view. Use the Help > View tutorial menu options to render and view them before you start using Wink. This will help you understand the basics easily.

    Please post your queries/comments/reports at the Wink UserForum. The Wink UserForum is over here, please make use of it for posting your words about Wink so that fellow testers/users can benefit from what you have seen.

    Rated 5 stars at SnapFiles Rated 5 stars at SoftPedia Rated 6 stars at Freeware Archive
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