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The current version is 2.0e, and it has been tested on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.


    You can get Wax 2.0 from one of the following sites (thanks to them for providing bandwidth). This distribution contains the core Wax standalone application + plugins pack for Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere/Premiere Pro and Pure Motion EditStudio.

    Vassias Loverdos has created a lot of transition & FX presets which are included in the above downloads. To download more of his presets including the latest, visit his website. Wax also supports Freeframe plugins and you can download many of them from

    Note: Also if you have installed Vassias Loverdos's presets collection, please uninstall that because they are all included in this Wax distribution. Also it is recommended that you uninstall any earlier version of Wax before installing this version.

    The Wax Plugin Dev Kit is available for developers who are interested in writing plugins and transitions for Wax (requires programming knowledge in C/C++). If you are interested please send a mail to requesting the devkit.

    Note for Vegas users
      With Vegas 4 and above the plugin integrates more with Vegas using scripting so please download and install the .NET framework if you havent yet.

      It is recommended that you install the software to the default path, i.e. "C:\Program Files\Debugmode...". If not, after installation you will have to copy the "Wax 2.0\Samples" folder to "C:\Program Files\Debugmode\Wax 2.0\Samples" to view the sample Vegas projects properly. If this is not done the plugin will complain about missing media files and wont open the projects propery.

    As the first step after installation, please read the Wax UserGuide (a link available in the start menu program group of Wax)

    Please post your queries/comments/reports at the Wax UserForum at over here, please make use of it for posting your words about Wax so that fellow users can benefit from what you have seen.

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