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How to use network frameserving...

Debugmode FrameServer can serve audio and video across the network (upto 8 clients). Network frameserving is useful in situations where you want to distribute the encoding of video to a group of client machines. All the client machines receive the same signpost AVI file from the server, and each of them must be configured to encode a different range of the video.

Here are the steps for network frameserving.

  1. Install the frameserver in all the PCs involved.
  2. Open your NLE and render the project using the FrameServer. In the Frameserver options dialog, check the Enable Network Frameserving option. You can use the default port value for the network connection, or if you have problems change it to something else.
  3. Click the Next button and the frameserving starts.
  4. On the client machine run the FrameServer Network Client application from the FrameServer start menu folder. Give the IP address and port of the server machine.
  5. Also give the path to which the signpost file must be saved. When doing network frameserving DO NOT COPY THE SIGNPOST AVI file to the client machines. The signpost AVI will be automatically copied over the network by the client and saved to the given path.
  6. Click the OK button in the client and the signpost AVI file will be created in the client machine. Now you can use the signpost AVI in the client. When finished, close both the FrameServer client and server applications.

Here are a few tips on network frameserving.

  1. You may not see good performance on a usual 100Mbps network. Network frameserving of DV resolution video needs more bandwidth than 100Mbps so try to get hold of a Gigabit network.
  2. Do the network frameserving on an internal private network and not in a public network.
  3. Close all network monitoring tools and all firewall software to reduce overhead.
  4. Each client machine gets the same signpost AVI from the server, so remember to choose a separate range in each client machine to work on.
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