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Introducing Debugmode FrameServer

Debugmode FrameServer is an open source plugin which will allow NLEs to do FrameServing and Image Sequence export.

FrameServing is a technique used to transfer audio/video data from one application to another without doing a full fledged render and temporary files. Debugmode FrameServer is a plugin for NLEs enabling them to export their timeline audio/video data outside so that other applications can use the timeline directly as input.

Another use of the Frameserver is to serve audio/video data to an application that does not understand the source format. If you have an NLE that can open .MOV files and your MPEG encoder can read only .AVI input files, you can open the .MOV file in your NLE and use Debugmode FrameServer to serve the a/v data to your MPEG encoder. This increases compatibility between applications.

Debugmode Frameserver can also export the video from your NLE as an Image sequence. Frames can be saved in lossless BMP, TIFF, PNG and high quality JPEG formats.

Features Download
  • Free for both personal and commercial use.
  • Send audio/video data from your NLE to another application without doing a full render (saves disk space and time).
  • Can serve video in 3 formats, RGB, ARGB or YUY2 (YUY2 works only if the target application can accept direct YUY2 data, like CCE. In Adobe Premiere Pro, if the project elements are all in YUV then using YUY2 gives better quality than RGB serving because it saves two colourspace conversions)
  • Can serve audio directly to the target app, or can write the audio to the AVI file for better compatibility (if the target app has issues with served audio).
  • Export/save videos as Image Sequences (BMP, PNG, TIFF or JPEG formats)
  • Frameserve between PCs over the network! Very useful if you have a farm of machines and a high speed network.
  • No additional software to install/tune, very simple to install and use.

For 64-bit versions of Adobe Premiere Pro & Magix Vegas Pro: Get Frameserver 3.1

For older 32-bit versions of Premiere, Vegas, EditStudio, MediaStudioPro and Wax: Get Frameserver 2.14

Please uninstall any previous version of the Frameserver installed before using this one. Also remember to read the instructions before you start using it.

This version supports the following editing software.

  • Magix Vegas Pro - tested with Vegas Pro 18.0
  • Adobe Premiere Pro - tested with CC 13.0 and Elements 17.0

Open source and reporting issues
Debugmode FrameServer is open source, you can view/checkout the code from the project's home page.
If you are a developer and would like to contribute bug fixes, new features or support for your favourite NLE, please contact me via the project page.

If you are a user and would like to report an issue with using frameserver, please use the issue tracker.

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